Friday, July 20, 2007

Chinese Whispers - I'M PREGNANT!!!

Yes, apparently I am the big P.. Pregnant that is... great woo hoo.... party time.. Not.
Except that I'm not.

My last post was about me having this strange virus - which had a lot of pregnancy symptoms.. like: strange cravings, spotting, nausea, vomitting.. but there is no way that i'm pregnant.. not that I checked, but I'm in serious denial if I was.

Anyway - the point of this story is last night I found out by text that I was pregnant.

Kylie: Is it tru?
ME: Is what tru?
Kylie: Mum just told me you're pregnant
ME: WHAT!!!!!##@!.. there is no way.
Kylie: Ha Ha, she thinks you're preggers.

So yeah, im pregnant, cos Kylies mum says I am.. this is great, hopefully I start getting some pity seats on public transport, and Marks mum will definitley start giving me some attention as her life revolves around the news of vaginas of others.. I will definitly be getting good christmas presents this year - if you're on the Knocked Up Boat its all i-Pods and TV's and Cash, if you're not knocked up, its mouldy old fondue sets covered in dust thats been sitting in the cupboard for 7 years.

Perhaps Kylies mum is some kind of Vagina Pychic?? She could make a killing if she was.. I for one am not a fan of peeing on that little stick, I always piss all over my hands and end up ruining a towel in the process of wiping myself down.

Call 1800 - KYLIES - MUM--VADGE for your pregnancy prediction.

Now I just want to know if its a girl or boy, so I can start buying clothes that say: I LOVE BOOBIES, or DIMPLES COME FROM HAVING SEX WHILST PREGNANT. MY DAD HAS A HUGE DICK.


surfercam said...

What about the kids t-shirt that says "I'M PROOF MY MUM LIKES TO FUCK"

leisa said...

funny and offensive kids t-shirts!

Neily said...

hahahhahah lol lmao at that!!!

Marcheline said...

I've been a fan of t-shirt hell for years! Great stuff.

Um, when are you going to actually pee on the stick and find out for sure?

- M