Sunday, June 10, 2007

Plutonium Rocks

Over this lazy long weekend, I have been using what resources I have available to me for entertainment, and food... Enter: Foxtel Documentaries and Mouldy Cheese and Crackers. It's like a swimming pool outside, and I didn't want to leave the house lest I get blown away, drowned, or frozen to death.

Ever since getting Foxtel installed, I feel I have become at least 2% smarter... I am now also that girl known as "the chick who won't stop talking about plutonium"..

On my long weekend saturday I watched this amazing doco about Chernobyl, and Nuclear Reactors.. which by the way - totally kick ass, are environmentally friendly and more efficient than coal by miles , they only suck when idiots try to do a safety check at 2am and fuck up the core and cause a meltdown inflicting a radioactive cloud over the land killing hundreds of people instantaneously, and leaving a radioactive legacy to be carried on by the survivers children, and their childrens children...other than that they are totally awesome.

see I cant stop talking about Chernobyl.

Last night I was trying to get frisky in the sack, and kept bringing up Plutonium.. it's hard to get aroused when you're imagining nuclear fallout.. even when you try to invision a girl with 3 nuclear boobs, or a guy with nuclear nuts.

Nuclear Power!!! All the way baby.

Next up: The Aryan Brotherhood. HH 88.


Anonymous said...

hmn... simply fascinating. and great dinner conversation. lol.

phishez_rule said...

I know a girl who's dating a guy with three testicles. She won't show me any pictures :(