Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Keep Your Guitar Sounds to Yerself!!

One problem with an open plan office, is when people of differing tastes put on their radios. I am all for music in the workplace, but I truly think that there needs to be some sort of group concensus on what station one is forced to listen to for 8 hours a day.

Creedance Clearwater? Good or Bad?
Cannibal Corpse? Good or Bad?
Michael Buble? Should be shot?
Rhianna? Overrated?
All Music that is on the MY GIRL soundtrack? Does your head in??

And while we're at it, we should have some guidlines as to what sort of Musical Interaction is acceptable:

Silent Headbobbing - acceptable
Singing random parts - acceptable
Singing every song - unacceptable
Singing every song in a high-pitched trying to be silent voice - totally unacceptable
Tapping of pens to drumbeats - acceptable (one song per day)
Tapping of pens and smacking all items in the vaccinity to make a large drumkit - unacceptable
Only singing the guitar riffs - unacceptable

So yeah... the next time someone sings along to Phil Collins *and does their own back-ups* they are getting a staple to the head? understood?!! excellent.


Leis said...

I think you should get every one to re-read their work place aggreement - I am positive that acceptable radio listening behaviour will be in there somewhere...
luckily I have a desk to myself where I have my iTunes music (They wouldn't give me a radio) - I put Billy Joel and The Beatles on when customers are around and metallica when they go into meetings. I should invest in some Phil Collins thou...

redcap said...

Oh yeah. In fact, I think anyone singing Phil Collins should get a replica Oscar shoved up their date, South Park-style. It's only fair.

PS What in the name of Ford is Cannibal Corpse? It sounds like my worst zombie nightmare.

Neily said...

hmm is it ok to do a shimmy shake when you THINK noone is lookin?

Jo said...

Your stance on miming the meaning of lyrics with a fully cognizant grasp of the irony?

George said...

mp3 player and tell everybody to piss off.

Anonymous said...

haha! I use to work with this little Chinese lady that would wear headphones and sing Britney Spears in her SUPER high piched voice...only her Britney Spears, was in Chinese. It was the worst freaking thing I have ever heard in my life! Thank God she got fired... :-P I thought my brain was going to explode...or I was going to murder her...whichever.