Sunday, June 17, 2007


You know what fucking sucks?
What sucks even more is finding a flea on your cat, then the realisation that you are sleeping in a flea infested cesspool of disgustingness...
Where does an indoor cat get fleas from anyway? Did a flea hitchhike home on me one day? A rare breed of The Darlinghurst Flea?? that's a long way to travel... That's one fiesty flea. Or maybe pooky is cheating and rather than bringing home burning dick disease he brought home fleas??? Perplexing.

As you can tell Lenman really loves having a fleabath... who wouldn't?? Although by the look on his face we not only exorcised the fleas, we also reincarnated the devil..

These are the fleas we vanquished. Die Fuckers Die.
I have been itchy all weekend, and even though everything we own has been burnt, thrown out, and doused in flea shampoo... I really think they're still there. waiting.. and watching...

And while we were vanquishing the flea spawn we found this guy:

wtf? is this the dustist flea ever? Like a trooper though, Dusty lasted a good fight against the mop handle and went back into his dusty cave, hopefully to never return, No Offense dusty, but I hate you. Nothing personal, you just creep me out and make me want to sleep on the stairs in the rain to not be near you.

So yeah, Fleas, Tarantulas, am I living in the fricken Amazon??


Jo said...

That's not a spider.
Spiders have eight legs.
It's obviously an insect.

Sarah said...

A friend who lived with us for a while adopted a cat while she was here, and bathed him the morning after she got him. He held a grudge. When we visited her 3 years later, he was still trying to kill her. She named him Satan.

I recommend that Frontline stuff. It smells really bad to cats and Lenny will still hate you, but he probably won't try and kill you in your sleep!

phishez_rule said...

Haha. Dusty's been in an accident. Huntsmans creep me out. In fact, spiders n general creep me out. Ewww.

Frontline or advocate are excellent flea control treatments. One quick drop on the back of the neck once a month. They barely notice it. As the fleas in the environment hatch and jump on him, they die and the cycle breaks.

The guys who make advocate also make a product that kills other parasites too. Same type of application. You can pick it up at pet stores and vets. Expensive but worth it.

Kate said...

that is the meanest looking spider ever.

Sakura said...

Spiders, fleas and any other creepy crawly suck the big one ... especially cockroaches (shivers up my spine) - when we were in Tokyo we used to have fricken flying cockroaches, I still have nightmares.

We use frontline, it's da bomb !

babydoll said...

so i can count then... that is a spider with only six legs... (cue relieved sigh)

redcap said...

We use revolution on our would-be fleabag. Pisses him off immensely, but no fleases, wormses or anyfin else :)

And spiders get way mean when they've lost legs. I wouldn't be going up against that extremely dusty character.