Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Celebrity Crush.. 20 years too late.

Recently thru the access of Foxtel, I have had days where nothing was on, so I watched for the first time some Stallone classics, namely 'Rocky' and 'Rambo'. It's pretty pathetic that one can get to the age of 27 and not seen either of these classics, but in my defense I thought they were stupid man-movies that would bore the pants off me.. well they did get the pants off me.

Who would have thought that Stallone was such a bonafide HUNK back in the day?? He's so ripped, and sweaty, and manly (he sews himself up after he falls off a cliff onto pointy rocks!! - that's hot)

There just aren't enough macho men in films these days for my liking, they're all woosy and preppy and would never be covered in blood and grit. You just never see muscle men jumping out of helicopters, finding ratty old blankets, tearing off strips to use as a headband *to keep your long locks out of your eyes* and walking around shirtless enough these days.

Brandishing Nuclear Weapons whilst flexing your lovely toned upper arm muscles - HOT
Ripping a bullet out of your flesh with your bare hands - HOT
Running around in army pants and no shirt - HOT
Practising your boxing technique in a refrigerated warehouse on cow carcuses - HOT
Living in a shitbox apartment and going for daily jogs in a a matching two-piece tracksuit - HOT
Having back muscles on top of your back muscles - HOT
Having perpetual black eyes, bruises and facial lacerations - HOT

mmmmmm Stallone *circa 1982* Stallone today is just tragic and turns my vagina to stone.


Anonymous said...

soooo true....

Captain Smack said...

Here, dear. Have a nice cup of chamomile tea. I made it just for you. Lets' talk about your feelings.

Is that hot?

redcap said...

I didn't mind a Sly movie in the day, but by the time Cliffhanger came out, there was that revolting issue of muscle veins. Nothing turns buff to spew quicker than those icky, bulbous veins. And there was also that issue of him being unable to speak that I didn't find that hot...

phishez_rule said...

Not such a big fan of Sly's. But I do have to say that Bruce Willis in Die Hard 2... PHWOAR

Jo said...

Coincidence - 'Stone Vagina' is the title of Sly's new fillum.

Anonymous said...

Sly... not a big fan. I agree with phishez_rule though... something about Bruce Willis. weird.

Marcheline said...

OK, yes, yes, YES.... I loved Rambo. Not so much Rocky, but Rambo? Yes, yes, and YES. I even copied the stone-on-a-leather-thong choker necklace for some years. I believe I even lost a waitressing job because I wore the necklace to work. THAT IS DEDICATION, PEOPLE!!!!!

- M