Sunday, May 13, 2007

When only Pizza will do

Even if you do a shop and spend $129... you would think that you would have something to eat when you get home - drunk at 1am.

Unfortunately NONE of the following will hit the spot:

Strawberry Icecream (I wanted something warm)
Macaroni and Cheese (too much cooking)
Taco Shells (no mince to put inside them)
A packet of Anchovies (too packety)
A bowl of cereal (too milky)

So in the end, you try to recreate a pizza with ONE slice of bread... ONE slice of cheese, some leftover salami, and some garlic paste from a jar... Toasted... needless to say, I should have walked the extra mileage and got a real slice of pizza.

Sooooo unfulfilled...... wonder if I could wait the hour for some macaroni and cheese to cook???


Cazzie!!! said...

Hmm, my kids just had mac and cheese for dinner, we did have a roast beef cooked in the webber fr lunch though.

Mish said...

During times like those, god I wish it was possible to get a kebab delivered to my house.

Sarah said...

If I could get kebabs delivered I wouldn't even have to leave the house during swot-vac... as it is, your 'pizza' sounds like a swot-vac "it's too late to shop and I'm about to starve" dinner... blegh.

Julia said...

This is it.

Shopping bullshit. You spend heaps of money and have nothing wickedly delicious to come home to.