Monday, May 07, 2007

Temping - School Daze

This week I am temping at a school. I loved school; got to hang out with your friends everyday and smoke the weed, got to legitimately wear the sexy school-girl uniform...

Things I am 'learning' whilst working at a school..

1. There really is a Permanent Record... Yikes. Every little note you ever forged, saved for eternity.
2. Really organised anal peeps enroll their kids years in advanced, I seriously think i enrolled some zygotes today.. Enrollments for 2019!! Who thinks that far ahead??
3. There aren't enough bubblers when you leave school. Note to Government: More bubblers please.
4. Finishing at 3.20 is unreal... Note to Government: Put that in your IR laws.
5. School Canteens are cheap... why can't there be workplace canteens?? $1.20 for a salad sandwich!!! Note to workplaces: Get a clue.
6. The 'confiscated' office really is where all gangsters and ho's should be setting up shop. In fact I think someone should start a line of clothing called CONFISCATED, for the dirty whore wear every girl needs.
7. People who have $25,000 a year to spend on their kids education are rich, I think I need to layby me one of those little nerdo's running around the schoolyard.

This experience is definitely better than the last - for one thing, the first thing the nice lady showed me was where the loo's were.. Phew!

Task for tomorrow: Find out if they still have a cane, and how naughty you have to be to warrant a beating (sexual beating)..


Cazzie!!! said...

Love it, stretch this gig out Rach.

Jo said...

I was a teacher for a short while, and made some illuminating discoveries.

Basically, if you're a kid with a stutter, a lazy eye, or big birthmark on your face, the teachers have a nickname for you.

Leisa said...

I am SO looking forward to getting back into the school System - my 18 months teaching at a pre-school was brilliant... (except for Docs...).. PAID school holidays are the shiz!

enjoy your temping Rachie!

surfercam said...

You are so right with No.3 - how do we survive these days?

Julia said...

Salad sandwiches, with tinned beetroot *sigh*