Tuesday, May 08, 2007

The Naked Temp

Whoa.... there are few scenarios where one is forced to get naked, and apparently Temping is one of those situations.

Today I was trapped inside the Worlds Biggest & Warmest Filing Cabinet in Existence.
Today I was filing crap, into crappy folders filled with crap.. Fun.
The place where the Stupid Filing Cabinet is, is in a room where the usual habitants "Oldius Ladius" apparently have evolved in such a way, that breathing and regulating your core body temperature has become redundant....

I got to a point where I was that hot, I actually started stripping... I was down to my undershirt about to rip it off and start filing in my naked splendor, when I thought "do I reallly want to be that crazy person they refer to as 'that naked temp"'.... No I did not.

Not on my second day anyway, perhaps if they put me in a pressure boiler on Friday I will definitely start nuding it up in the filing cabinet.


AJ said...


Anonymous said...

i think having crazy naked people around would make my job more tolerable. lol.

Neily said...

Who would have thought you could get a good core workout from filing?? never say never.

You should stick some real random notes in the folders so when one day someone opens them they find a note that reads 'On this day, 8th of May 2007, I sweated my ass for you to find this with ease. You may send your thanks in cash to xxxx'.

*chuckle at myself devilishly*

Cazzie!!! said...

Only true if you take pics!

Sarah said...

Well if you ever write a book about temping, you won't be stuck for a title :)