Saturday, May 19, 2007

Friday Night WooHoo-ing

I loove going out on Friday nights, even though during my recent 'sabbatical' Friday's have no meanings cos everyday morphs into the same day. It could be a wednesday night and i'd be running out the door with a crackpipe and some knee-high boots to stand on a corner giving men the leery eye.. why?? cos weekends don't mean shit when you don't have a job.

Now that I do have a job to start next week, I saw it fit to go out and celebrate the end of my days of uselessness (which luckily coincided with a friends birthday/housewarming)

Party Thoughts:

To be a stella DJ these days, there is pretty specific formula, and I'm quite certain I have it figured out; Play: Michael Jackson, Blondie, Daft Punk on rotation and the dancefloor will never be empty. Is it just me? or is the anthem of our generation THRILLER?? everytime that song comes on, I can't help but do my "zombie hands" dance move.. move over 'Khe Sahn' there is a new tragic theme song to be played incessantly till your ears bleed.

Is there anything cooler than being picked up in a coach (!!) to be taken to a s(wank) bar in Darling Harbour? I think not.. although I did feel as though we should be putting the coach to good use and driving to say; Club Troppo in Gosford, as opposed to 5 minutes over the bridge.. It's great having rich friends. It was a fairly rockstar moment.

Why is everyone moving to Brisbane?? we need you here in Sydney. Bitches.

Why is my camera still broken? *cough laziness cough* I can't descibe in words how much difference a bit of blow-dry does for a lank fringe (I have no time for fringe upkeep)... It truly transcended me to new levels of hotness.

And finally - Bouncers... What the fuck? If I had to rate people by their job and the scale on which I hate them, Bouncers are truly at the top of this list.. Typically a fight broke out at the Swank Bar (probably over which guy got to buy the last bottle of champagne - fags) friends did their best to break it up and about 2 mins after it had fizzled some idiot Bouncer goes slamming past me stomping on my foot so he could get in on the pounding action. Dork.

Sooo glad to be back in The Land of The Friday.. so much better than the Land of The Saturday... more recovery time.

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Cazzie!!! said...

bouncers = block heads, haha.