Wednesday, May 09, 2007


Really Mind Numbing "Detention" Tasks I Performed today:
Sorting Piles into Different Piles
Stamping about 2000 pages (this I can at least use for experience if I ever become a door bitch)
Creating Folders
Takings things out of folders to put in other folders
Making 465 copies and stapling said copies together.

Wtf?? Why did these people hire a temp?? Why not just get some detention morons. Save yourself $1000... a trained monkey could do what I did today... and $1000 could buy a LOT of bananas.

This mindless banal work harks back to my good ol' days of Detention.. actually I only ever had ONE real detention (on a saturday).. and my friends and I basically ran around the school, going thru lost and found, raiding the sick bay supplies and *angels voices* the Art Supply cupboard... best detention ever!! I think I walked out of there with about $400 worth of charcoal, pencils and drawing supplies.

And what is work really?? But a Never-Ending Detention....


Neily said...

I am too going through mundane tasks at my job. You gotta earn your dues blah, blah, blah. Just make me CEO and give me $500k already! I promise I can do it... but pay first :)

surfercam said...

For $1,000 a day i could sort as many piles as you like!
I think you've struck gold Rach. It might be boring, but at least the pay is good.
I'd be stretching it out for as long as possible

surfercam said...

Just had a better idea - pretend your a new teacher, put a kid on detention and make the kid do all your work for you.

Rach said...

ha! for $1000 a day i'd give birth daily to monsters with freakishly large heads.

its $1000 a week.... still good though. will finance next week's sit-in on the couch whilst I sleep.

Sakura said...

Sounded like an enthralling day!
For a $1000 a week I would - oh shit boss is coming back into the office quick look like i am busy working....

redcap said...

Pfft, bloody temp agencies got close to a grand a day for your ass. That's what I hated about temping - some other bastard was making money off my back just for the hassle of advertising in the damned Yellow Pages. Hrrmph.

But in the meantime, steal as much charcoal and crap as you can.