Monday, April 16, 2007


In all my time playing video games, even when I hark back to the 80's, I never once sustained physical injuries from playing them.

That is until Wii came along.

I think I pulled a muscle, in my everywhere.. it hurts to move, it hurts to sleep, it definitely hurts just thinking about Wii-ing again.

Stupid Bowling game!!! Stupid Tennis game!!! Give me Super Mario Bros anyday, at least I know the greatest injury I could sustain is an arthritic thumb from hammering the 'jump' button for a few hours.


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Mummy B said...

aww your poor thing, now did you stretch adequately before beginning your wii workout? Although I maintain "injury by wii" is a perfectly acceptable excuse to stay in bed all day...

My hubby managed to smash the fluorescent light in an overly eager tennis swing. We're too lazy to fix such a thing so we bought a lamp....the wii is beginning to rack up a bill of its own...