Sunday, April 01, 2007

The Universe is Collecting

Ever feel like the Universe is totally fucking with you?? I must have some sort of universal karma thing happening.... Money this week has just been going missing, or should one say 'stolen' by the universe.

Case Point 1. The Mizone at the Gym... Money goes in.. Mizone comes out out. In Theory.. There is no worse feeling than despositing your money and waiting for the goods to drop.. and nothing. Stupid Machines Hating Me. I had to go to the desk like a fool and be that annoying person who needs the keys to the drink machine. Universe 1 - Me 0

Case Point 2. The Ferry Ticketing Machine at the Wharf... Again, money goes in, 'Processing' 'Approved' 'Printing' 'OUT OF SERVICE'.... so do I get my money back?? oh no.. I have to use a different machine and get another ticket, and wait for my bank statement to see if the transaction went through twice... ofcourse it did.. that will be a fun conversation with the Transport Infoline. Universe 2 - Me 0

Case Point 3. The unknowing Credit Card Transaction. Erghhh this one annoys me most of all.. I had my credit card registered on a website for a transaction I made a year ago.. then they put another one through automatically...A year later... In American Dollars. Needless to say, I dont need the service that I was charged for anymore.... Most distressing. Universe 3 - Me 0

I really cant afford anymore universal debt collecting. This reminds me of the time when I was in London and the ATM shortchanged me 20 Pounds.... seen as how I am the worlds biggest tightarse (of Costanza proportions) this made my blood boil.


Julia said...

There's always someone worse of than yourself: had the same ATM issues in Capri (150E) and London (100 pounds). I went in to the branch in London and they fobbed me off to take it up with the bank back home. The pain of dealing with banks far replaces the pain of some lost money.

redcap said...

It's official. The universe bites.