Monday, April 16, 2007

Thus Endeth the Sabbatical

I have work. Paid Work... woo hoo.. i'm not sure if that means my sabbatical is officially over, but it definitely means it's on hiatus.

I have never 'temped' before, but I shall begin my journey in the chase for the dollar, and do whatever it takes to pay my rent and afford my pricey cheese habit.

My first temping job starts this week, I wonder.. will I even have a name?? or just be referred to as "The Temp".. a nameless faceless interchangeable entity with someone who is more permanent than myself..

Will it be like having a substitute teacher at school?? after all this person doesn't know you, it might be fun to pretend to be 'Valery' with a twin sister called 'Mallory'.

I am looking forward to a work routine again, call me a sicko, but I would rather be going to a job than sitting on the couch marinating in my own stench, wearing a bathrobe and no underpants for days on end...(that is only exciting for the first 3 days).

But I will miss the Naps.. nothing beats a good Nap.

It might not be a dream job - like working in the Jim Henson workshop and molesting all the muppets, or finding a cure for mad-cow disease, or being a test-rat for rollercoasters and bubble-wrap... but at least I will have somewhere to wear my new 'job shoes' and I won't need a sugar-daddy anymore...


redcap said...

I've temped before. Not such a bad gig, really, so long as each job doesn't last too long - a week is the max. I think the worst thing was having to do the bloody tests to get registered with the agency. Come on - who the hell does long division by hand these days?

Mummy B said...

look, as long as temp work brings with it some quality blog worthy moments I'll be happy ;) (and my happiness was top priority when taking the job I'm sure).

Anonymous said...

naps are the best. i'm lucky in that i have a couch in my office and therefore catch a snooze regularly.

Jo said...

Maybe they'll call you the temp-tress?
On the other hand, maybe they'll call you the temp-on.