Wednesday, April 04, 2007


There was a freak storm this morning on my walk to work.. JOY!! I had two options.

Option 1. Be all soggy and get pneumonia (the wet t-shirt in white was kinda sexy - but I dont want no double bay nobodies looking at my nipples.)
Option 2. Go to the Double Bay warehouse and go thru their $8 bin for some dry clothes.

Hot.. This so called skirt (belt) barely covers my cooch. But alas it was the only thing in my size in The Most Hideous Bargain Bin of All-Time. Sexy.

My only issue is that i've been wearing pants this whole week because shaving my legs is a most burdensome task, had I known I would getting The Pins out, I would have at least moisturised the hair down.

Stupid Rain.


phishez_rule said...


If its a slow day you can kill time by plucking your leg hairs.

Steph said...

Are they blowin in the breeze long?
Plait that shit! Or better yet, make dreadlocks out of your leg hairs. Peeps will think you're wearing an uber cool pair of woven trousers!!

Anonymous said...

oh hell no. lol. i would've called out sick. those hairy legs of mine are for my eyes only.

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