Sunday, April 08, 2007

On The Road Again

Why is Easter such a huge gorge-fest?? Is the un-official slogan of Easter "Pig Out, it's what Jesus would have wanted" ??

Over this joyous long weekend I went on a roadtrip (read: hours of driving which pushes you to the edge of Insanity)

Ever sat for hours in a traffic Carpark?? And gone "it'd be quicker to get out and WALK!!!".. this was one of those occasions where that actually rings true...

It's funny what you do to amuse yourself in a traffic-jam... namely look through the map and find names of funny places and make up meanings for them.
Nerangybone - the bone in your back that gets sore after hours of driving and sitting in a traffic-jam.
Cumnock - heavy metal band, from Switzerland
Wang Wauk - 'having a really bad case of the wank wauk' ie: diareahh at a driver reviver site and almost throwing up from the stench in the communal toilet... something overly smelly.

Eventually, we arrived at our destination Coffs Harbour.
For a Big Banana, it's really not that big.. they should call it 'the large-ish banana that is lame'.

Up Next: The story of how I ROCKED THE ROOF off Coffs Harbour RSL, by entering the 'Karaoke World Championships'.



Sarah said...

Ahhh the Big Banana... I really think your name for it is more suitable.

Do they still have that go-kart-style ride down the hill?

redcap said...

But God-damn, I love road trips! Road trips rock :D

But I'm afraid that Douglas Adams and his cronies beat you to the old "choose a place name and find a better meaning for it" game. For example: Ravenna: the poetic term for the crack in a workman's bottom that peeks over his trousers. Duddo: the most misshapen potato in any given collection of potatoes. He collected them all in The Deeper Meaning of Liff.

Marcheline said...

cool post. rock on, dude.

Lad Litter said...

Travels and travails are not similar words for no reason. Look forward to your karaoke post.

Mex said...

the road from down south back to sydney wasnt much better.

we even did a driver swap right in the middle of traffic that didnt even seem to worry any of the other drivers.