Thursday, April 05, 2007

Neighbour Wars - The Garbage Menace

My neighbours across the hall are on my ever growing list of Enemies. The last thing I want to see when I leave the house first thing in the morning, or come home to late at night is a pile of stinky garbage.

Keep your chicken carcass, used nappies, empty bottles, corn cobs in your own apartment please!!!!!!!!!

Last night upon walking up the flight of stairs to my unit, I was knocked over by the stench of hallway garbage.. PIGS!! I do what I do best.. I wrote them a note and stuck it on their door.

Dear Neighbours,
Do you mind not leaving a pile of festering garbage in the hallway.
It is disgusting.
If it is too difficult to walk down the stairs to the bins, might I suggest instigating a garbage chute.
Love, The Sanitation Police.

Later when I was coming home from the gym, I noticed that a) the garbage had been removed and b) they had replied to the note, and left it stuck on the door.

Reply: FUCK OFF!!! Fuck off with your sarcasm, this is the last thing I need after a long day at the Office.

Pffffffffft. Is that some sort of excuse to be a disgusting pig?? we all have jobs. that doesn't mean we don't take our garbage out.
It took all my self control not to knock on their door and throw some used pads and paddle-pop wrappers in their face.


surfercam said...

What a dickhead!
Do they think they are the only people in the world that have had a hard day at the office????

michellesarah said...

I like your tactics... however, I don't use the word 'garbage' as it is an Americanism. It's a rubbish bin, a bag of rubbish, and a rubbish chute.

My reply would've pulled the piss out of you for that, rather than whinging about a hard day at the office.

I think you and I would be great mates Rach, I'm always on my own personal crusade to point out to the people of our great nation what complete and utter tools they are.

My husband is constantly reminding me that I will get the shit kicked out of me one day, when I shush the wrong person at the cinema!

Rach said...

i did not know that 'garbage' was an americanism..... thanks for the update.. rubbish it is from now on.

oh, and i truly intend to get punched in the face by someone one of these days who is thru with taking my shit.

Unc said...


Unc..fountain of uncouth

Mummy B said...

ewww, disgusting! I can't stand people like that...he probably put it in the hall because it was stinking up his place....out of sight out of mind!

Sarah said...

Diddums... I suppose you were supposed to feel sorry for them for having a hard day.

If I'm too lazy to take out the garbage I leave it *inside* our front door to take outside next time I go out- and of course if it's stinky it doesn't sit there for long! That person is just a selfish dickhead- if they can't put up with their own stenchful rubbish they shouldn't be inflicting it on other people.

Cazzie!!! said...

Now, I mean, I have 4 kids and I did use disposable nappies time to time, not all the time, but..I ALWAYS took the garbage straight out to the bin.
Those people suck, they need a whole jar full of cockroaches thrown in their apartment..ewwwww. Second thought, used pads is a goer.

Anonymous said...

that is gold. made me laugh out loud, should put your garbage outside their door with a ribbon on it just for laughs!