Wednesday, April 18, 2007

My Traumatising Fringe Experience

When I was about 13 years old I met a boy at Macquarie Ice-Skating rink, this boy became my first 'boyfriend' although we never did anything except skate together, hold hands, and make phone calls... Then one day he dumped my ass. Why So??? because he HATED my haircut, and to be precise.. my Fringe.

On our last ever date we went to see 'Son In Law' at the George St Cinemas, he brought a 'friend' along.. a blonde.. called "Collette".. with bigger boobs than myself and a tan and hotness.. one who did not have a poxy fringe.

The last thing he said to me at the end of our date was "so.. when do you think your hair will grow back???".... thus begineth my insane months of growing my fringe out... wearing headbands to pull it back, and general hating everything because I felt so fugly.

Ever since then, I have been wary of hairdressers.. and put off going to a hairdresser for years, for the fear that they would fuck my hair up again and I would be left in the dating no-mans land...Horrifying.

I rate going to the dentist/proctologist/coroner, safer than going to a Hairdresser. Your life is in their hands.. If they ruin your hair, you have months laying ahead of you of 'loungeroom time' whilst you try to get your hair back to normal, and not being seen in public.

Recently, with all the trendoid stars out there working their bangs, I have had the urge to try and re-enter Fringe-Land... especially after seeing my girl crush Anne Hathaway in 'Devil wears Prada'.. and my all time fav bang wearer - Zooey Deschanel.

So yesterday I went to the hairdresser, gave them VERY explicit instructions about how stressed out I am about getting a fringe again, and showed her examples of how I want my hair to look...then to my distress the girl who was going to cut my hair, who apparently didnt speak english, stood there for all of 20 seconds and goes "yes we do a choppy chop and it look very nice"....ehhhh, the broken english isnt doing anything to dispell my fears.. infact I think I just broke the world record for the amount of sweat one persons armpits can produce.

I sat there in the chair, and she cut my fringe.. about an inch higher than what I would have liked. So I smiled as much as I could thru the fear, paid, avoided the urge to ring up and yell verbal abuse and egg them...and ran to the nearest Portmans to stare at myself like a maniac in their changeroom mirrors for about 10 mins, to try and gauge the level of fugliness I just put upon myself.

I brought some clips and I have been wearing it pinned back. I'm just not used to it yet.. and it didnt help that when I got up at 1am to pee and check to see if it had grown during the night, it had transformed itself into a giant KISS frightwig.

Traumatising..but I am over-reacting.. i'm sure it looks hot in a certain light.."the dark" to be precise. I'm sure when it grows to my eyelashes i'll be rocking my bangs all over town.. till then its off to eat some gelatin to help it grow quicker...


leisa said...

I was so worried... it isn't bad at all... yes, give it a week and you will love it... I was expecting MUCH worse!!!!!!!
not saying it's bad.. it's just new

Jobe said...

With some (read: lots) eyeshadow you'd have the beginnings of a veeeery nice Myspace picture.

PS I hate fringes too. That guy was on to something.

Anonymous said...

i just did the same thing- got bangs for the first time since i was a kid. (posted a pic on my blog too!) but mine are longer and swept to the side, thus easier to pin back and stuff. lol.

Jo said...

Wow - I met a guy at Macquarie ice rink when I was at high school. We had matching ear-cuffs and clippered hair, and we both liked Depeche Mode.
Doomed to fail though - Mac ice rink is obviously pre-teen relationship poison.

Cazzie!!! said...

I used to cut my ow fringe back in the 80's, then I would VO5 it to death so it stood upriht, then I would fluff it about and it looked like a bloody cockies crest!!
I have a long fringe now, so I can wear it out or put it back.
Yours will grow soon enough to do the same.
Least we can see your lovely eyes now, just apply some natural colored eyeshadow :)

phishez_rule said...

Im not a big fan of the fringe. I know I can't pull it off. I thought about it when I got my hair cut last time, but the hairdresser was really good and only cut two little bits at the front an teeny tiny bit shorter than the rest of it.

I would have cried if they'd fucked it up.

Rach said...

at least if I wander around with my eyebrows up in a permanent state of surprise.... it looks longerl

michellesarah said...

Don't even TALK to me about fringes!

I always have to pay shitloads of money to get the most experienced person at the whole salon to cut my fringe because I have a cow lick. Cow licks do not work well with a 'side sweepy' type fringe. I have persisted with it for about 2 years now. I'm never happy with the result.

BE THANKFUL that yours, at least, sweeps how one wishes it would sweep, rather than looking like half a fucking rainbow.

Um, yep. Nerve successful touched. I am more traumatised than I realised.

Dan =] said...

Hey, if you dont like the length why not just wait until it grows a bit. It takes ages to get used to a fringe but trust me, it looks beautiful =]

I had my hair cut today and i said dont touch my fringe i dont want it cut any shorter the hairdresser then cut my fringe really short and considering it was longer then my nose to start with i am kinda traumatised but i have figured out how to style it and am now just waiting for it to grow.

But honestly it looks really nice on you. Like i said before, if your not sure on the length, clip it back or maybe wear a headband until your comfortable with it. When your comfortable with your hair, thats when it looks best (I sound like a fortune cookie now lol) but yeah. It looks nice =D xx