Wednesday, April 11, 2007

" I don't"

Ever since getting engaged over a year ago, I have been putting off 'wedding duties' like the plague.... so whilst on my "sabbatical" (read: unemployment) I am using my time wisely and trying on really fugly wedding dresses.

The Venue: Vinnies
The Budget: Beyond Stingey
The Dresses:
The first dress I tried on was the best (see above photo) nice bows on the arms, very satiney, made lots of swooshy noises whilst walking.... albeit, I could not do this one up at the back and needed 'assistance' in getting out of it.

The second dress was a little better, nice princess waistline, and again, a zip that I could never do up in a billion years. I now understand why women get eating disorders before their weddings...

Overall, I am unsure weather it's even the right thing to get married in a poxy white wedding dress, after all, I haven't been virginal in a looooooong time (sorry god... shhhh don't tell anyone).

Next Up: the search for the perfect location - preferrably a volcano where I can sacrifice a virgin, and release some poisonous killer bee's (butterflies and doves are sooo cliche).


Anonymous said...

i think you're so cute. lol.

Jo said...

I should think the location would be quite, quite obvious.
Coffs Harbour RSL.

Oh, wait - you need a virgin, huh. Scrap that idea.

Cazzie!!! said...

My debutante dress was similar to that of the first picture.
When I went out to look for a wedding dress, I looked for something totally different to what I ended up getting. I never pictured myself in an off the shoulder, rouge pink silk dress. I saw it on the hanger and I hated it, once I tried it on I loved it.
LOL at Volacano wedding..I guess it is do-able :)

surfercam said...

Didn't they make a movie about this Muriel???

unc said...

Go the white, vinnies always has a huge selection.

Off topic...HAIR ALERT....Daniel Johns is going bald...just saw a photo..def. receding hairline.

Unc...fountain of youth

Rach said...

totes.. Coffs RSL... why didnt i think of that?? i bet they throw in a free trip to the Big Banana in their package.. sweet.

OMG daniel johns is going BALD!!! maybe that is why he is constantly wearing that stupid ghey headband...

you're not fooling anybody.

redcap said...

Oh, look, you're drilled a hole in a meringue and jumped in! ;)

phishez_rule said...

I think I saw outfits like athat at Mardi Gras... On the queens!

I especially like the sleeves.

meva said...

Actually, that dress makes Pammy's white wedding bikini look tasteful. In fact, a white bikini wedding at a volcano sounds groovy!