Saturday, April 28, 2007

The Ghost that Steals from Me

Ever since I was litle, I have had a ghost that steals things from me.. sometimes forever.. some things do show up eventually.

The first of these things to disappear was a Super Mario Bros watch when I was in Year 6.. gone - forever.

Throughout the rest of my life, shirts, jackets, earrings, shoes, CD's, books have all gone missing... sometimes I think I am going crazy, then I'm like "how could I lose a denim jacket??" Especially in the vacinity of one room??

Where have my things gone??

Will I be reunited at the gates of heaven with my loved ones and a big pile of crap?? "oh there's my garfield singlet! and my Kylie Moles Diary"

Last weekend I came home drunkety drunk, and the ghost had hidden my Engagement Ring!!! The Nerve!! I was snapping it badly.. Luckily it showed up (not in a place I remember putting it)..

Yikes.... If the ghost is stealing engagement rings, what's next?? My first born child??

Where are the Ghostbusters when you need them?

In other news I am cleansing my chakras.. weird hippy shit... hopefully to cleanse myself of the cloud of darkness that has been looming over me for the past few weeks... I hope they dont ask me to 'visualise' things.. I hate doing that... "visualise a white light" ... "i am visualising a giant bucket of KFC"... hopefully they can just spiritually vaccum the bad-vibes off me.


AJ said...

Oooooh. I never thought of a ghost stealing from me - I always liked to think it was pretty fairies that were moving things and then putting them back.

Marcheline said...

Sounds like it was the ghost of Jack Daniels that got your ring.

- M

redcap said...

I usually find the best way not to lose my engagement ring is to wear it. Are we in just a weeny bit of marriage denial, duckie? ;)

phishez_rule said...

Those damn ghosts! They took a beautiful onyx heart ring when I was in year six and I want it back.

babydoll said...

haha my ghostie stole a pair of undies from me when i was 8 years old... i was wearing them and asleep in bed at the time so explain that to DOCS would ya?! more recently it stole my element hoodie, the firsst hoodie i ever owned. love that hoodie. i hope it turns up somewhere (ya hear that ghostie i want it BACK!).