Friday, April 13, 2007

filling in the hours

This is the first time since leaving high-school, that I haven't been working.. and I was a little scared about what I would do to amuse myself, as it was all too easy to visualise the weeks stretching ahead of me lying on the couch, my biggest concern being to shower every few days and vaccum the crumbs out of my fat rolls.

Luckily!! I have been amusing myself with mundane tasks.

Organisation of the sock drawer - I dare any of you to find a more organised sock drawer.. not only did I fold them all up nicely, I went thru each and every sock finding its true friend.. Amusement Rating 2/10

Banging Holes in Walls - "hmmm i'm sure my lamp would look better if it was somehow mounted on the wall... let me just bang a huge hole in there.. oops whaddya know.. that doesn't work..." Amusement Rating 4/10

Shopping for different varieties of Cheese - do i want a smelly blue? an aging chedder? some holey jarlsberg?? so many options... Amusement Rating 9/10

This is what unemployment is all about people.. relishing in the time you have to buy cheese.


Sarah said...

You mean, when I'm no longer a student bum and actually have loads of money with which to buy as much fancy cheese as I want, I'll have no time to spend ages deciding what to buy?

That's no fun...

Cazzie!!! said...

Socks suck!! I can't find a pair in all the washing I have done since returning from our Easter trip!!!

Anonymous said...

well there's nothing better than cheese. that's a known fact. so if that's all you got going for you, it's more than most of us has.

phishez_rule said...

When I was unemployed I used to fill time by sleeping. Worked well enough for me. And it was amusing as hell because I have freaky dreams.

Steph said...

I found sitting around interfering with myself worked wonders to pass the time.


HMM well, the art of entertaining yourself is sooo ezi.

Doesn't matter what time you arise it still flies.

Wander around aimlessly, eat brekkie and talk to cat, that would be 2 hours.

Maybe go for a walk to shops and aimlessly wander, say hullo to strangers and yep take all the time in the world to do it, there are some amazing things out there.

Check the net, waste more time, but all of this makes you more knowledgeable.

Eating is no longer an issue, do it when you feel like it, ah love no structure.

Think about what you could do, so read, fix or mess something up, which leads to another project another day!

Goodness is that the time, better rush around and clean up, and didn't phone or see anyone today...ooh imagine what tomorrow will bring....LURVE IT! while you can!!

Mummy B said...

adopt a pet of some sort from the pound. you can then spend the next few weeks attempting to toilet train it...poop can always keep you busy...especially mystery poop that you can smell but just can't track down!!

sleep however is my personal favourite time waster