Sunday, April 15, 2007


I am considering opening up a website called, a place where one can dob on people for being; jerks/tools/useless/naughty/reckless.

My first dibber dobber entry would be as follows:

I am dobbing in the cunts who parked in the spot outside my units, it is a park for ONE car, you ignoramous.... now I cant get thru without sparks flying when I drive past.

I am dobbing in the truck driver who drove in the overtaking lane.. that is illegal.

I am dobbing in the recruitment agency who didnt have the decency to give me a rejection phone call.

I am dobbing in Lenman for constantly standing on my head and putting his bum in my face when he wants me to get up and feed him..surely there is a better way to get your point across??

I am dobbing in the guy who used the weights machine at the gym and didnt use a towel. Gross, the last thing I want is your asscrack sweat-germs contaminating me.

I am dobbing in that fucking Magpie who was squarking outside my window at 4am, when I was really hungover and couldnt even move to get a pillow to put over my ears.

And finally I am dobbing in Mark, for getting so excited about his new Wii, that he smashed me in the elbow in a rather hectic game of 'virtual' baseball.

Got anyone to Dibber Dobber on yourself??? I'd like to hear it.


Cazzie!!! said...

I dibber dobber on the chick that cut me off when merging from left lane to my lane driving. We got to next set of lights and she was still only one car in front of me. I proceeded to give her the bird...BITCH!!!
Well, that felt better now!!

Lad Litter said...

I'm dobbing on John Lennon for not doing us all a favour and using Yoko as a human shield that December night in 1980.

surfercam said...

I'm dobbing in the pub on Saturday night who continued to serve me alcohol even though I was clearly off my face!

kram said...

I am dobbing in Mildren Prestige Mechanics for acting like its a hassle for them to fix my car, which they never fix properly anyway...

gringo said...

I'm dobbing on selfish parents that let their toddlers stand on tables in public places that others have to eat off.

I've seen it twice in the last three days, and it is completely selfish.