Friday, April 20, 2007

Communal Peeing.. the code of the Temp

Day 2.

The Good

*The Killer View. From 18 stories up you can see to Mars practically.. unfortunately I never realised what a smoggy cesspool Sydney is.. I much prefer it on the ground when I am oblivious to this fact. Ignorance is Bliss.

*The drawer full of AA Batteries... Hellooooooooooo Jackpot.

*Access to PRICELINE in North Sydney... did I ever tell you my idea of bliss is choosing which conditioner and hair treatments to buy?? I could spend hourrrrrrrrs in the shampoo aisle. Fact.

The Bad
*Being Mimed At ....again... this time I was mimed at about how to put mail into the pigeon holes... What annoys me is the fact that I had already done this, and had only left out the ones for the peeps who didnt have pigeon holes... but clearly.. i'm the idiot for not knowing they go in the 'special place'.. At least now when I'm at a dodgy nightclub, I will have heaps better moves than the atypical "lawnmower", welcome to "cleaning out the dishwasher" and "pigeon holing"... sexy.

*Busting A Kidney. Nobody told me where the loo's were, so I sat there busting a kidney and getting some hideous urine infection, before I snapped and went stalking for the bathroom.. Finally I found someone who could help me and they had to 'Escort' me to the loo's.. and stood in there... whilst I peed... loudly...In an echoing bathroom.. mmmmmmmmm Bonding Experience.. Some peeps like to do the Bridgeclimb, I think hearing your co-workers urinating is a much better way to bond...Not.

*Faxing a 130 page document. Front and Back.. with the fax machine beeping at me saying it's having memory problems.. fun... Least I wont be there when the person at the other end rings up complaining about missing the last 80 pages... I was bored... so sue me.


What would be worse?? Temping or working in a Sewerage Treament Place??

At least if I was working in a sewerage company sifting through turds and tampons, i'd probably be wearing a cool biohazard uniform, and be able to go "I had a shit day at work today... Literally"


Anonymous said...

aa batteries. lol. you're hilarious.

have a great weekend.

Cazzie!!! said...

AA's...remote controls, brilliant!!!

Marcheline said...


Sarah said...

Bahaha... nice one.

I know how you feel on the 'bathroom escort' experience... I had the same thing happen to me during exams last semester!

Steph said...

Bursting a kidney is not good! First thing i ever do is suss out the dunnies!
Either that or pee in a cup under the desk.

phishez_rule said...

What the fuck are they using that many batteries for?

And would they notice if you 'borrowed' any of them?

redcap said...

FAXING A 130 PAGE DOCUMENT? Sorry for shouting, but holy fucking hell! Who sends a fax that's as long as a bloody Cosmopolitan magazine? Haven't these people heard of email?!

I can't believe your toilet escort stood there while you peed. Perhaps they read your blog from Thursday and thought, "Hmm, if she's after our AAs, maybe she wants our bog rolls as well! Keep with her!"

Please tell me you're not back there this week.