Sunday, March 18, 2007

We is Cultured, We is...

Me and my Ho went to see 'The Marriage of Figaro' at the Opera House on Sat night.. being avid Opera Fans, we were waiting in anticipation for many weeks before the big night.

Classyness Fact: All week i've been excited to finally hear all the tunes I know from LOONEY TUNES, mainly the one with the dancing frog who drives the old guy crazy.

It was much to my dismay, when I found that this particular frog is not IN The Marriage of Figaro.

Neither is this guy:

I love this Opera guy, when Bugs Bunny almost kills him by impersonating the Conductor. That's Gold Jerry. Gold.

The one part I was dying to see was the real 'Barbershop of Seville'
"Oh where do I get the wa-bbit"
"What would you want with a wa-bbit"

This scene is also played out from a different Opera.. I was beginning to think we'd been duped into buying 'the cheap seat' tix for a no-good Opera that we wouldn't be able to hum along to.

Nevertheless my Ho told me that the real Opera from the "Leggo's Authentico" commercial was definitely from this Opera... it wasn't.

Nevermind.. Good things about the Opera are feeling superior and classy in our 'Box Seats' towering over the scum below us, which gave us a nice view of the stage, and the Orchestral Pit.

Now. What's the Go with Conductors?? Do they go to Conductor School for seven years to learn how to wave a stick around?? I dance like that in my kitchen everynight, and no-one's paying me for the privelege... Note to self: Career Change may be in the near future.

Classyness Operatic Conversation:
Moi "wonder what that other concert place is in the other sail?"
Ho "I think its the big one where they have the Aus Idol finale"
Moi "cool"

We classed up the rest of the night by finding the 'cheap' bar, avoiding the exxy food, and I spent the second half thinking about if I would get a triple cheeseburger meal or just a cheeseburger and thickshake when the Opera was done.

*Triple Cheeseburger Meal won out.

The Opera Rules.


Lad Litter said...

Good post, Rach. Just about all I know of highbrow music comes from Warner Brothers cartoons. Can't shake the associations either. I was lucky enought to see a big American orchestra perform Bugs Bunny music while the cartoons played on a big screen at the Melb Concert Hall a few years ago. What a show!

Darryn said...

Ditto Mr Litter there. Bugs Bunny On Broadway was awesome.

Rach said...

totes. Bug Bunny on Broadway was fooking great.

Although the peeps i worked with thought I was going to see DISNEY ON ICE ....... uhhh, how about NO.

More Cartoons at the Opera House.
If they put that in the current election, i know who i'd be voting for.

redcap said...

I love that dancing frog cartoon. The look the guy gets on his face when he finds the frog and sneaks away with it is gold.

Marcheline said...