Sunday, March 11, 2007

One of the Good Ones

I never cry at weddings, mainly because the only weddings i've been to recently have all been Marks relatives, and in those instances i'm only there as an obligatory invite. Yesterday however was the wedding of my good friend Kylie, who i've been friends with since year 7.

I started crying just reading the booklet. Then when Kylie arrived looking beautiful, and the singer started singing Ava Maria (*sung by one of the contestants from the SBS show Operatunity) I got seriously misty eyed.

Kylies ceremony was in the school chapel where we went to school together at St Scholastica's College in Glebe, it's surreal because back in high-school we would do anything to get out of going to church, mooning the priests, rejigging the hymns we had to sing with Sonic The Hedgehog lyrics, getting detention, and playing truant. But it truly is the most breathtaking chapel i've ever been in.

They looked so happy, like Cake Decorations. After the ceremony I had a walk around my old school grounds. I remember things being bigger.

Onto the reception at Centennial Park where the party began. Food was delish, and we had to corner a waitress to see if there were anymore leftover Creme Brulee, for communal consumption (although you had to make a promise to keep your Hepatitis, Syphilis, Leprosy, and all other communicable diseases to yourself)

Music started, and we rocked the roof off The Kiosk dancefloor.

SEX ROBOTS... It was mentioned that is it indeed a generational thing where people our age always form a circle, and one person gets in the middle to show off their stylin moves. As such, my moment came up when Fat Boy Slim's 'Praise You' started playing.

My big issue with this wedding was what to get the happy couple?? they live together, own a house, have very nice things already.. I walked around David Jones looking for something grown up and fancy.. then I found this:

And I thought to myself.."what they don't have is a cat sitting on a toilet". So now they do. I am positive it will become a family heirloom further down the track.
PS. Its 'Art'
PPS. It wasn't cheap.


redcap said...

Damn, I wish someone had given me a cat on a crapper for a wedding present! We got stupid stuff like vases. I think it will indeed become a family heirloom.

Cazzie!!! said...

My kids want one!!! I wonder if they have this here in Melbourne at our David Jones.
The Wedding looked like a great time.

Jo said...

I'm really quite concerned that there's no cistern. I can't think about anything else.

unc said...

And this is from the woman that hates fondue sets...mmmmmmmmm...


Rach said...

the difference between that and a fondue set though, is that Kylie and Shaun LOVED the presents i got them.. wheres i was rudely offended by mine.

therin lies a very specific difference.

Unc said...

On another note...what are you doing at work today...did you not relise that the Stella range is being launched at Bondi Target....and here's me thinking you north Sydney fashonistas would be lined up at 6am to grab the first place in the line...

Unc...full of bunc

phishez_rule said...

Awww. It can be really hard to pick a gift thats special for the person who has everything.

A very thoughtful gift is a crate of wine, from the year that they married, suitable for cellaring.