Monday, March 05, 2007

It makes sense when you're IN Target

When you enter the chainstore TARGET, its like entering a timewarp, a timewarp from 1989. And in a sense your mindset changes to adapt to the cheap bargains, and you find youself trying on really really awesomely bad stuff.

The first great/bad find of the day were 'demin' all-in-ones. Does it get better than this?? Yes. Yes it does. The only problem with the denim all-in-ones, is that you have to get nekkid to to go to the loo, and you really feel your name should end is 'azz' or 'lene'.. Rachazz or Raelene in my case.

The find of the day though, was a pair of Grey. Tiger Print. Stretchy-Pants. They were soooooooooo good! I really wanted to buy them, start smoking and buy a really crappy couch and one of these vaccums.

Then I would be livin the dream.

Overall, I left "Tarjhay" with a rather large bag full of crazy outfit choices, from my 1960's housewife dress, the polka dot sensation (me and my co-shopper got matching ones at that), a $3 hot pink shirt size XS (good for the inner ano), some zebra print shoes, and some slouchy whore boots.

Can't wait until the Stelllllaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa McCartney range goes on sale, yet it does depress me that it goes on sale on a Monday.

Although, I would make a suggestion to Tarjhay that if they are going to try and high-end their store, they might try removing the sign in the changeroom that reads "this changeroom is not a bathroom for your infant" seriously??.

If the people that shop there are using the changeroom as a urinal it might be time to up the ante and install some mood lighting, loud techno, and low ceilings.. those flurescent lights really do nothing to facilitate in the buying of clothes that look better with loud music playing, than they do in your bedroom in a cone of 'why did I buy these high-ankle pants' silence.


Original Mel said...

I worked at Target in high school. We had a customer take a shit in the sports goods aisle one day. Hand on heart honest truth.

Cazzie!!! said...

""Overall, I left "Tarjhay" with a rather large bag full of crazy outfit choices, from my 1960's housewife dress.." didn't happen if there are no pics of you modelling them Rach!!!

Rach said...

i hear ya!

modelling pics coming up.

i'll pose with my vaccum tonight.

Cazzie!!! said...

Cool RAch :) "I want to break free!"

redcap said...

(Hangs head in shame) I purchased a couple pairs of jeans, a pair of denim shorts and a couple of tops from Tarjhay before I went to Afreeeka. Petstarr warned me against Tarjhay jeans, prompting me to ask, "What, do the arses spontaneously fall out or something?" (It's the cut, apparently.) The arses haven't fallen out yet, though, and I wore 'em lots. But denim onesies are a totally different thing. No-one wears denim onesies. Do they?

Julia said...

I can't reconcile paying $179 for a dress at Target, even if it is from Stella McCartney (that's what they're saying prices are). Taking. The. Piss.