Thursday, March 01, 2007

In the Army

One of the great, perhaps bad, things about catching PT of a morning, is the hours of thinkin time it allows. Often i think up something i feel is genius, then get to work and as time goes on, realise it was a fucking stupid idea.

Like my idea to join the Army for instance.

I'm pretty sick of being underpaid, exploited, not taken seriously for being a woman (thats what i blame it on anyway) and what better profession to be paid well, and treated with kickass respect than in the Army?

I wouldnt mind joining the Army if I didnt have to get up early, i could just type letters, join the band, do parades, look hot in my khaki pants and clean guns. Is that too much to ask?

But alas, I probably wouldnt survive one day of army training. For one, the world ceases to exist for me before 8am. Good luck getting me out of bed and polishing boots and folding blankets with a smile.

Maybe the Navy is less painful?

I'm just not good at regimented routine and being told what to do, i'd end up on potato peeling duties the whole time, and if i'm gonna be doing shit like that, I may as well keep working with stupid actors. Actors, Potato's.. no difference really.


Unc said...

I had similar thoughts about the Navy when I was about 17...I even got as far as the medical..Grandma took me to the Newcastle office...and waited in the car...In the room I was surrounded by the biggest bunch of dorks I had ever seen..short cropped hair..well dressed in slacks and sensible shirts...Me, with hair down my back, scruffy jeans and tee shirt did not really fit in...I thought ..fuck this..I am not going to work with a pack of wankers like this..and went and hid in the toilet when my name was called and then went downstairs and told mum I failed the medical and they would send on the never arrived..
Fuck that was a close shave...

Unc..fountain of truth

Jo said...

I do hope you're not talking about the Party Army.

Rach said...

damn that party army.

damn them all to helllllllll

you couldnt cut of my arms and force me to join that stupid cult. even if you threatened to beat me to death with my own limbs, I have a steely resolve.

Cazzie!!! said...

Spuds can't talk back to ya or chuck tantrums, so maybe the Army is a good idea :)

Marcheline said...

I don't believe in "what ifs" ... BUT... if I woke up and I was 18 again, I would sign up for the military in a second. I always wanted to be a fighter pilot. Oh, I guess that means I'd have to go all the way back, and be born a boy.


- M

Anonymous said...

LMFAO@ actors.potatoes .no difference.