Thursday, March 15, 2007

I hate my Neighbours.. still

It had been a long day, and I arrived home with a severe case of grouchiness, I yelled at Mark, I yelled at the cat, I yelled at inanimate objects. I was pissed off! I needed to vent, so I decided to go to the gym. As I was walking to the car I see my neighbour waving at me "what now?" I think to myself "does she need to borrow something else?? perhaps my first born child?? and when will I be getting my potato peeler back mole"

She calls out to me "hey!! next time you're playing your music can you turn the bass down please"

It's at this moment when my inner rage-a-holic snaps and I consider throwing her to the ground and stabbing her with my keys.

"YES!! Not a PROBLEM!! DEFINITELY!! Next time i'll do that FOR SURE" If sarcasm could kill she would be dead and smouldering. Then I left her with some good old-fashioned death stares. Death Stares that would kill the undead.

Fucking Princess. Do I ask YOU to stop leaving your plants in the hallway to die a long and arduous death?? hmmm?? no I don't! I deal with it! Just like you should deal with my apparently 'too bassy' music I play when i'm cooking dinner. Everyone knows you need to add extra bass when you're cooking spicey meataballs.


unc said...

Time to bring in the big guns....20" subwoofer..cranked to rumble the may borrow mine for a couple of weeks..make sure you get some wanky doof doof doof hard jungle or even better gabber or 'ardcore.(again you can borrow my German vinyl).take that of my aging unc...doof fuck off or he will belt your hubby...

Unc....source of doof

Jo said...

You're absolutely right - spicy meatballs = extra bass.
Anything with lettuce = crunchy guitar.
Pumpkin soup = vibraphone.

Ask her to stop leaving herself in your face.

Anonymous said...

imagine the nerve of that dumb bitch. lol.

Cazzie!!! said...

I cannot stand tinny music, you HAVE TO have bass, lots of it, buger the neighbour, play what you like..and put her dead plants on her doorstep!!!

Rach said...

pumpkin soup = vibraphone


redcap said...

Tell her you'll be happy to turn the stereo off and listen to it all in mono if that would MAKE HER HAPPY! Bloody neighbours. Sent to try us.