Wednesday, March 14, 2007

A Crowd of Nerds

It should come as no surprise that a crowd that goes to see Weird Al Yankovic would consist mainly of nerds (myself included).. what I didnt realise what a vast array of Nerds would be in attendance.

Weird Al is the forefather of The Stroggles music. I can only hope that my music is as good as his one day.

Back to the Nerds... did you know that "nerds, attract nerds... just like the guy with the girl with the crossword". Was I the only one who thought it was ironic when all the fat nerds got up and started dancing around singing the lyrics to 'I'm Fat, I'm Fat, Really Really Fat' Therin lies the genius of Weird Al's work.

Weird Al Nerds consisted of;
Fat Nerds - who got up every 10 mins to buy another packet of mini pringles.
Westie Nerds - who wore beanies and wife beaters, tigerprint dresses and drank VB like it was going out of fashion.
And the 'I'm the Biggest Weird Al Fan in The Room' Nerds - sorry but I didnt pay to hear you sing the words to every single song, nor did I come to have my head almost set on fire with your zippo lighter.

Speaking of Heads - they really need to have some sort of Giant Head Restriction:

If you're head takes up 3/4 of the stage, it's too big and you need to have some Dr 90210 reduction surgery.


surfercam said...

I can't believe people would pay money to go see Weird Al. Or even for free.

Anonymous said...

Ha freaking ha. Dude, can I use this as a letter in our letters section? (For free.)