Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Bridge..... rhymes with Fridge

Step right up, Step right up, come see the engineering splendour which is The Bridge

Made with 10 zillion tonnes of STEEL! and heaps of CONCRETE! come see the bridge that defies water. A bridge made by men. Manly Men. Men with chesthair who didnt wear pink.

Imagine, just imagine being able to see this Bridge in the flesh? what would one expect to pay for such an honour?? $3.50! that's right $3.50 and you can drive.over.the.bridge... perhaps even in your own car.

Like Bridges but Hate Walking?? for a lesser price of nothing, you can stand and stare at the bridge from the ground. Will there ever be a better deal than this?

Wait for it............. If you like walking, and you like bridges, you should join a sea of 75,000 lemmings and walk over a large piece of concrete joining two foreshores. Imagine the sights and sounds of a BRIDGE! see the rubber from burning tyres, smell the exhaust from trucks of a bygone era, look at the criminals they have caged inside the tollbooths.

Its a fantasy wonderland of Bridgetastic Bridgalicious Proportions.

If you are super keen on bridges and being ripped a new a-hole, then perhaps the Bridgeclimb is for you..Hundreds of Dollars. A dodgy Tracksuit... More Bridge than you can handle.

Bridges?? I just dont get it.


Anonymous said...

well it's certainly a beautiful picture...

Cazzie!!! said...

Missed your call as a bridge tourism promoter Rach??

Marcheline said...

Um.... (trying to avoid posting next to anonymous, but failing)... I personally love bridges. Partially because of their beauty, partially because they represent the joining of two separate entities. Kind of like sex, except that it's okay to look at bridges at work.

While I can appreciate the majesty of the highly architectural city bridge, I prefer the small stone bridges over burbling streams in rural Scotland and Ireland. A swinging bridge over a roaring river is also a great one for getting the old blood flowing...

Yay bridges! (Not Jeff)

- M

Original Mel said...

It's opnly $299 to doa morning BridgeClimb in a spunky prison jumpsuit - I don't know what you're complaining about, really...

Rach said...

as far as bridges go, Drawbridges are pretty cool.

Anything to do with the possibility of a moat with killer pyranha's.

Jo said...

I was leaving a 'gentleman friend's place on Sunday morning, dressed quite obviously in last night's little black dress - I mentioned to him how obvious it would be to anyone in the street that I was doing the 'Walk Of Shame', and we both had a laugh about it.

I left and walked up the path, where an old lady was walking her dog.
"Morning!" she said.
I smiled and said good morning.
"Doing the walk?" she asked.

"I BEG YOUR PARDON?" I said, shocked.

"The bridge walk. Are you walking across the bridge today?"

Rach said...

the bridgewalk of shame.

the worst you can do.