Friday, March 02, 2007

5 things to do with a Brick

I had a Market Research questionaire this morning, they rang me and asked me all about what types of painkillers I use and what for "excessive hangover pain" and "my ovaries are breaking free of my body pain".. then they asked me to name '5 things you can do with a brick, besides build a house' - apparently this is just a 'creative' question, and there were no wrong answers.

these were my answers.

1. Throw it at someone's head
2. Put it underneath some planks to make a shitty table on a balcony
3. Make a bookcase for a homeless person
4. Grind it up and make dirt
5. Put it behind the wheel of a car to stop it rolling down a hill.
5a. Build a Brick Snowman

I really don't know what that has to do with Painkillers?? maybe they just want to see if you are addicted to heroin and are completely whacked out?

What 5 things would YOU do with a brick?


Leisa said...

1) around the camp-fire to make a 'safety' zone for the fire... don't laugh kids... Safety 1st.
2) break window of my car to get into it
3) use it as a 'step' - I am short
4) to put onto a hose to keep it watering a plant so you can do other stuff and forget about it until a small flood has happened - Of course, Pre-water restrictions.
5) as a cheap way to press flowers and make them flat.
5a)Put it behind the wheel of a car to stop it rolling down a hill. - because i have done that


Unc said...

1. Throw it as a brick sandwich at the neighbours barking dogs.
2.Smash next door yobbo's window when they get home at 3am and crank up Barnsey on the stereo.
3.Use as door stop to keep fucked door closed.
4.(I need 2 bricks for this one)use one as step to look over neighbours fence while I throw 2nd brick at barking dogs.
5. As a hammer to knock in tomato stakes used for holding up broken gate.

Ohhh..there are so many uses for a brick...Bricks never get the recognition they deserve.

Unc ....Fountain of Truth

surfercam said...

1. Throw it.
2. Paint it.
3. Build a really small and really shitty house.
4. Build a bookshelf.
5. Did I mention throw it?

Sarah said...

I like your answers! Not sure what a 'brick snowman' might look like, though.

Jo said...

Throw it at Catriona Rowntree. 5 times.

Anonymous said...

Re: invoicing and payment. Hello RB, if you get a chance, could you email my Optusnet address? Cheerio. -- Darryn

Anonymous said...

1. Lend it to midget so he can tie it to feet and reach brake pedals on car.
2. Retrieve from midget, hit him with it, take midgets wallet..
3.Throw it at Catriona Rowntree for a sixth time while she bleeds on the ground..(its called teamwork Jo)
4. Cover brick in foil, build "Space BBQ' in garden.

redcap said...

Ha! I like your brick snowman idea. Wish I'd thought of that.

1. Bury it in the garden. (Hey, it was good enough for the people who built my house. Even after living here for eight years, I still can't dig a hole with digging up bits of bloody brick!)

2. Tie it around Paris Hilton's neck and then push her off a jetty.

3. Grind it up, mix it with eggs, sugar, cream and vanilla and make vanilla brick icecream as an homage to Iron Chef.

4. Put it in the middle of an empty white room and call it a modern art installation. It would be an incredibly witty comment on Australian right-wing politics that would make me an instant celebrity.

5. Walk around with it on my head to improve my posture.

Rach said...

if we're gonna be chucking these bricks around, we should definitely organise a brick throwing parade.

with all the targets leading the way.

Catriona Rowntree
Tom Cruise
Tiffany Wood
Renee Zellwegger

Cazzie!!! said...

Oh man, I am so with Jo and the Catriona Rowntree statement!!! And also David Reyne and Kim Watkins from that 9am show too!!!
Other things I would do, yep, I got a few more briks to cement the fuggers right where the NO STANDING sign is at school, where these DUMMIES park every bloody morning. Last year, one of them couldn't see and reversed and wrecked the side of our sports car..and...she still parks there too!!! You just cannot help dumb!!!

Steph said...

1)Throw it through the window of the twat downstairs.
2) Hide in the bushes and surpise/bash neighbour at number 3.
3) hit myself in the head with it every time the 'Pensioners Insurance' ad comes on. I fucking hate that bitch in the big glasses.
4) Throw it at the nutsack of Johnny Howard.
5) See if i could bounce it off Andrew G's hair.

Mex said...

1. pretend its a pet and give it to a blind person to pull behind them on a lead.
2. make a really lame paperweight for your mum
3. heat the brick up and then use as 'Ye Olde Brick Iron' for your clothes
4. use as plug for bathtub when real plug has gone missing (?)
5. put it in the luggage of someone you hate who is about to go overseas so they have to pay excess baggage fees

i love brick!

Russell Allen said...

I with Steph on an Andrew G tip and with Jo on the Rowntree abuse

Marcheline said...

I already did it!

Went on craigslist and got 5,999 more bricks for free, and made myself a lovely patio behind my house!

Proof, with photos, on my blog.


- M

Anonymous said...

1. Put it in toilet tank to save water every time you flush
2. Wrap it and put it under the Xmas tree to look like someone bought you a present
3.Put it under guest pillow instead of mint to reduce freeloading guest overspill
4.loofah your husband's hairy back
5. prop up sash window that won't stay open.
6 Leave on bedside table and when hairy backed hubby wants sex and you have a head ache which he just doesn't seem to empathize get the drill!
7. Leave hanging on edge of table and when freeloading guest knocks it over and breaks it scream OMG that brick was from
A/ Graceland
B/ The White House
C/ Gettsyburgh

To cut down on freeloading guest overspill.

Anonymous said...

Steph please let anonymous ppl respond to your blog , you elitist cow!
Gucci- Girl