Friday, February 23, 2007

Stinkin Ibis'

Five stinkin ibis' standing on a wall, some named Peter, some named Paul. And if one stinkin ibis should accidentally fall, there'd be one stinkin ibis still goin thru the garbage.
Ever done Market Research? my eyes have just been opened to the experience. Wow. My first time was being a test-rat for biscuits.. all alone in my little isolation booth, ticking wheather i think its too 'dry', if there are enough 'holes', if the surface is smooth enough... strange.
I found it hard not to burst out laughing when everyone is in their litle isolation booths, in the quiet, hearing everyone crunching on their biscuits. It's very surreal. Especially when you see only see the researchers hands thru the 'hatch of mystery'.
My second time was being part of a focus group for a Foxtel Channel, .. lets just say that they better friggen listen to my opinions and put on 'Twin Peaks', 'Red Dwarf', and 'Tales from the Crypt'.. and also 'Astro Boy'.
I cant believe they're paying people for this shit.
The only disturbing part is there is always some total freakazoid, who is missing teeth, says she's pregnant, and chainsmokes... scary.
Hope they ask me to be a testrat for the new range of Posturepedic Mattresses. (And Bubblewrap, Vibrators, and Varieties of Swiss Cheese, all things I am an expert in)


surfercam said...

I hate Ibis.
Is that pic at Double Bay wharf?
All the good old days - used to catch the ferry from there every morning.

Jo said...

I've been a test rat a number of times - for the new Kit Kat varieties, I had trouble making any decisions until I'd asked for five more samples of each flavour.

I'd like to test a series of Clive Owens for comfort.

Cazzie!!! said...

Hate Ibis'!!!

Original Mel said...

My ex was asked to test ciggarettes. He was asked what he smoked (B&H Extra Mild) and how many a day. He obviously lied and quadrupled the real number to get as many free ciggies as possible. He then had to smoke only the free ciggies for two weeks and fill out a detailled questionairre on the new ciggies. Within seconds it was clear he was smoking, you guessed it, B&H Extra Milds, and we didn't have to buy fags for a good couple of months thanks to B&H!

Sarah said...

I did a sensory testing thingy in for satay sauce for a product development subject I did last year, only we had little sinks and cups in the cubicles to rinse between each tasting, so we had to sit in silence with the sounds of swishing and spitting as well as the eating sounds.

I found it hard not to laugh too... at least you got paid, and the biscuits had to have been better than the crappy satay sauce!

phishez_rule said...

I've never done market research before. How does one get into such a thing? And do you get paid? Or at least free biscuits.

T'would be very funny testing vibrators. Though not very quiet. Maybe they could play cover music.