Monday, February 19, 2007

"minding the cheese"

Do you ever find yourself loitering around like a loser?
Would you like it to seem as though you have a purpose in your loitering exploits?
Does your girlfriend often leave you standing around in an alley whilst she sells her body to medical science/tests biscuits??

Here is the answer to all your problems!! A bag of cheese.

Now when anyone gives you 'tude for hanging around like a nigelised loser somewhere, you can be all "I have a purpose!! I was minding the cheese"
'Minding the Cheese' for what exactly is a different story, I would personally go with minding the cheese for tacos, or some sort of pasta bake.
Mmmmmmm Cheese.


surfercam said...

Nope, you've lost me there.

Adam said...

Dude, that's freakin' brilliant.

Being entirely too awesome, I find myself way waiting for less awes people all the time, waiting like an aimless waiting loser.

Now, freakin, you've given me a 'tude for my waitingness. I owe you a lot.

Cazzie!!! said...

Yes, when I don't feel like doing something I am supposed to do, I shall use this expression..and then my kids will run to the fridge and get out that cheese and say, "Here ya go mum, a bag of cheese!!" :(

Marcheline said...

I wouldn't mind a bag of cheese right now.


Maybe what I mean to say is, I wouldn't mind minding a bag of cheese right now. Or something.

Damn, I'm hungry.

- M

Jo said...

I'm definitely going to take that idea and run with it, perhaps adding an air of mystery with "I'm just debriefing the cheese", or "The cheese and I are working through some ideological dilemmas in alphabetical order".