Friday, February 09, 2007

Meet the Crew

I work a rather autonomous job. I like it. Better than having someone breathing down your neck constantly checking up on you.. specially seen as how 40% of the time i'm dicking around online and MSNing like a crazy person.

But it gets lonely sometimes. So I fixed that problem.
'The Crew'

Steve the Llama, and Moloko the Monkey.
Steve's cool. He reminds that I should take the city in my stride, because one day I could be livin the dream, owning a large property in the country and becoming a Llama Farmer. Moloko the Monkey pretty much sits around rubbing it's shaved head. Much like my actual friend Heather who does that too when she's drunk.

Harry and Larry. Identical Cows. Opposite Personalities.
Harry and Larry are what i'd call the Middle-Management of the desk. We often have meetings to discuss things like, getting a new liquid paper, and finding the blue pen that mysteriously goes missing quite often. They fight over who gets to be the one to use the hole punch, or the stapler. It can get nasty. I prefer paperclipping things, but I havent said this, for a fear they will bar me from the group.
At the moment we are all having a little discussion about wheather or not to throw out the dying flowers on my desk.
*Larry tells me i'm living a dream of false hope, the flowers are dead, time to move on.
*Harry thinks we should bury the flowers under the desk to ward off evil spirts.
*Steve isn't speaking to me because I moved him off the scanner and onto the stack of white-pages.
*And Moloko has nothing of substance to say, he just rubs his head and has a vacant look in his eyes. He could be a model.
Well, hope they last over the weekend without me. I've told them under no circumstances are they to get reckless and pee all over the keyboard if they get bored. If i'm not allowed to do that. Noone is.


Cazzie!!! said...

LOL, poor Rachy has lost the plot..or have you? You could change jobs and become a roving puppeteer (for want of the right spelling?)at schools and creches all over your district!!

Gingerspesh said...

Geez office politics!

At least you can always put them in a draw if you have had enough of them for the day... no such luck at my work, my draw is only big enough for my purse, not a whole person...


Anonymous said...

great idea! i should do the same. it gets so boring and lonely in this hell hole of an office of mine.

and hey, stuffed animals must be better conversationalists than me.

Adam said...

Steve is heaps my favourite.

Russell Allen said...

Only Kim Kardashian is allowed to be peed on...not the keyboard.

Julia said...

That's krazy...I have 'buy toy farm animals' programmed in the to-do list on my phone.