Monday, February 05, 2007

Love Lost

Leisa is going to kill me for saying this but: The new Silverchair song SUCKS!! (in my opinion)

This is the Silverchair I loved: Young, Angsty, made Army Pants cool. Opened my eyes to world of music when Salt n Pepa's 'Shoop' was the number one song.

I loved Frogstomp, I travelled to the newcastle foreshore and saw them play before that album was released, i saw pretty much every concert feasibly possible, waited in the rain, passed out in the moshpit, twisted my ankle, got into scrag fights defending silverchairs honor... but now? now i'd be the first person to throw a sandwhich at Daniel John's faggy head.

Did he have his balls removed when he was in hospital getting his arthritis medication?? Does he have to sing like such a woman!!! Where has the fire gone?

I just heard their new single and i can only imagine it being played on 'easy listening' radio. and even then i'd rather drive my car into a tree than finish listening to this piece of crap.

They lost their edge. Daniel went nuts, became a transvestite, started writing overly sappy angsty-pants music that is poison to my ears.

It's disappointing. I still love silverchair on some level, and its good that they have evolved as a band and don't play the same old shit on an RSL tour each year. Hopefully he gets some other mental illness that makes him write good music again.


Cazzie!!! said...

Isn't Daniel married to Natalie Imbruglia? Well, I guess he could still be a fag as you state couldn't he?
Wow, you brought back horror memories with the Salt and Pepper song "Shoop". LOL.

Rach said...

yeah he is..and if i were her, i'd just be waiting for the day to walk in on him and Paul Mac fisting each other.

tis only a matter of time.

LeiSa said...


So, your still coming to one of the shows on the tour, Right???!!!


"I'm walking in a straight line..."
(OH! album is out on March 31st... )

Rach said...

i thought you'd be saying "you're dead to me"

i wouldnt mind seeing them again. then i can judge in the presence of the music.

and throw bread at not just Crust, but maybe Daniel too this time... he might just be deserving.. Mr Too Good To Play Any Songs Off His Older Albums.

surfercam said...

Haven't heard it yet. But I am a big fan too.
Seen them here, in the States and in London.

Marcheline said...

The boy on the left and the boy on the right are pieces of bread, and I'm the peanutbutter, and we're going to a Sandwich Party.

That's all I'm gonna say.