Sunday, February 25, 2007

I just wanted to Tango out the door

Weddings are the new 21st's... it seems like every weekend these days is filled with either Hens Nights, Bachelor Parties, shopping for wedding gifts, and finally the Nuptials.

So guess what I did this weekend!! I painted a sacred cow... nah, just kidding, I went to yet another wedding. This one in the hunter valley. noice, very noice.

This here be the Lynchin' Tree, right after your vows, a bell rings out and they hang a guy.. this obviously costs extra.

The wedding was for a couple of coppers, so we left our sentiments in the signature registry "Dear Ryan and Kylie, Criminals Suck. Love Rules. Luv Rach n Mark xxx"

The cake looked reallllllllly tempting, so tempting that I had to touch it.. as you do, i'm all about textures, little realising that my finger left a big fingerprint in the icing, and being surrounded by coppers, that was a pretty frivolous thing to do.

I've only ever been to one wedding (this one ) where there was an electrical storm and the power went out, forcing the best man to bring out his acoustic guitar and have his moment in the limelight.. I joined in doing a bit of bottle hoe-down. Clearly we were seated at 'the drunk table' for a reason.

Then, i just got really drunk.

The band was in a timewarp from 1987. Which allowed for much needed daggy dancing, and a 'superstar' moment where I got it on with the wooden strut.



Enny said...

Were you wearing your kiwi-lime lipgloss? ;o)

phishez_rule said...

That cake... must clean drool from keyboard.

Mummy B said...

nawww....i wanted to see a pic of the painted sacred cow.....

Marcheline said...

Gives new meaning to the phrase "strut your stuff".

But really. What the hell is that sheet covered pole all about? At first I thought it was something hanging from that tree - the perspective is wild on this shot!

What gives?

- M

Cazzie!!! said...

That cake is fuggin awesome!!! LOL at ya leavin the finger print. Looks like an awesome time, specially the improv with the dude and his guitar.

Steph said...

Now that looks like a tasty wedding cake. Finger print and all.

You are teh hawt, and the pole was lucky to cop a feel.

surfercam said...

I didn't drink at all on Saturday and I was wondering who was going to make up for my share.
Good work Rach.

Anonymous said...

yeah that cake is smothing else. i would left a face print. lol.