Friday, February 02, 2007

Hol Spread

This is the frog that lives in the bathroom, he's very tiny and jumpy. It jumped on Mark in the middle of the night and he screamed like a girl. Ha.

Hammock Relaxin' Time... ZZzzzzzzzz. I would like to work in a hammock on a laptop, swingin in the breeze. That or a Hammock Shop. Either one.

Not getting Killed on the Beach. Looks picturesque, but the water is murky, and there are poisonous entities lurking everywhere. I kept my eyes peeled at all times for Celebs and Crocs.

Waterfall swimming, this was on the 'secret track' thru wilderness, where my thong went down the rapids, and i had to be a hero with a stick and get it back.

Field of Roo's.. They were all congregated and plotting something i'm sure of it. Maybe they were thinking they need to get some poison glands so they fit in with everything else up here.

Me and Missy. Missy on the motorbike, Missy on my bag. Twas very sad to leave her, knowing that her owner is a schitzopherenic (seriously) and will probably end up living on the roof and eating bugs the rest of her life. At least we had a couple of days together that she can fondly think back on and tell her thousand grandchildren (as i doubt the schitzo will get her desexed) sadness.


surfercam said...

There's a cat riding a motorbike!

Julia said...

The rack makes an appearance too!

Cazzie!!! said...

Love the pics, your cat looks very relaxed on your clothes in your bag, looks like it wanted a holliday would have loved the kangaroos..not!

Marcheline said...

WOW - great pics! Now I'm completely jonesing to go to Australia. Thanks. This winter is looking longer and longer.... arrrgghh.

- M