Sunday, February 18, 2007

High School Cafeteria

I always wanted to go to high-school in america so I could eat in a cafeteria, and be part of the cafeteria scene - ie: "you cant sit with us, we only wear jeans on Mondays". The scene would be moreso about being part of a cool group and whining about the slop they feed us. (I'm not as into the school cafeteria high-school massacre scene).

I went to IKEA and they have a cafeteria set up, which is fun.
Trays: Check
Inedible Slop: Check

Good Times. Whilst eating at the cafeteria I played "Mean Girls" by deathstaring an old-lady into not sitting next to me "baggsed"... and then some Prison Role-Playing (as they have cool cafeterias too) "sit next to me and i'll make you my prison bitch for life, now give me your cake asswipe". Luckily the 4 year old I was saying this too didn't really understand what I was talking about.

Then however, I got stuck in IKEA. You have to walk thru the entire store to escape, which sucks. And you always end up buying something stupid, that you really never needed (ice-cube trays shaped like jigsaw pieces, neon dishwashing tools) this time we got suckered into buying a new cat blanket for Lenny.

In other news, I drove back from IKEA (on my L's) and learnt how to MERGE.. I was all "are you gonna let me in or what asshole??" I gots the roadrage speak downpat. I'll be passing my P's test with flying colours.


Jo said...

I was road-rage-proficient long before I was actually driving-proficient.
If I'm not shouting "MOTHERF*CKER", I just ain't drivin'.

Unc said...

Are those Swedish designer meatballs I see........mmmmmm...with gravy and chips...designer bogan food yeh!

Unc Fountain of Truth

Julia said...

Exactly! You can't help but leave with a 'zany' ice cube tray or a cheap vase. It's like you drive all the way out there, like a day trip, having to make your way around the maze, and you feel like it's wasted if you don't leave without at least something.