Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Rare Penis Monkey

This is an unfortunate picture

The Rare Penis Monkey.

Likes: dick, tropical climates, seinfeld.

Dislikes: pubic hairs poking him in the eye, smelly testical smell.

Thanks to the SMH for bringing me the story of the almost extinct Penis Monkey, i'll keep an eye out. (Sure they'll say that its perched on a thumb, but i know a dick when i see it)


Shame they didnt have any pics of the Labia Monkey, but you'd have to have really droopy labia for that.


redcap said...

~shudder~ That monkey's got a particularly evil look on its face. It looks like it would like to bite the penis-thumb very, very hard. Actually, reminds me of the rat monkey from Braindead...

kate said...

you're sick. lol.

Anonymous said...

But, but... that 'penis' has a nail on it. We do not want penises with nails! Imagine trying to cut your penis-nails. Imagine having a hang-nail or an ingrown penis-nail. Oh God, it hurts to even think about.