Saturday, January 06, 2007

Rachel's Pantomime School

Is you an Actor?
Is you been on Neighbours?
Is you wanting to work in London?

Then come to Rachel's Pantomime School, A School for Actors.

Learn the ancient art of being WIND "whooooosh"
or a Ghost "whooooooooooooo"

Extensive 10-Week course available now!!


"this course is fucking shit. Rachel is a criminal who took my money, locked me in a dungeon and beat me with a dildo for 10 weeks straight. Fuck this school" - Andy, got a 50-worder as a 'Tree' on Home and Away.

"rachels pantomime school changed my life, now whenever someone tells me to go fuck myself, I can make an artistic interpretation of that scene, and it blows them away" Jeremy, lives in the hope of playing Lynn Scully's stand-in.

"i was blown away, for like, $10,000, rachel told me to get a boob job, and give blow-jobs to the fugliest man in the casting room" - Kelly, currently doing a Pilot for FOX, starring alongside Stephen Dorff.


redcap said...

Wow, I bet you ended up with a sore wrist. 10 weeks straight with a dildo!

Steph said...

How are you not a millionaire yet?
All these fucking wonderful schemes you cook up!

You need a manager. Can i be your manager?

Cazzie!!! said...

PMSL, you are a legend Rachy :) hahaha.

Rach said...

steph, you can be my manager.

but you'll need an assistant.. I volunteer myself for that position.

Darryn said...

Your above comment is funnier than the post itself.

You look good under the sheets. Sheet.