Saturday, January 27, 2007

Paradise - Hammock 101

Step one to settling into Paradise is learning the Physics of The Hammock.

First you will want to maximise comfortability with cushions, and more cushions, I personally come from the school of thought that more than one person in a hammock is too many, occasionally you will have to share, and squabbling will ensue. My solution - get two hammocks.

After getting way comfy, the physics of 'swinging' in the hammock is the next task. Using one foot as a propellant works quite nicely.

Dangers of the hammock can include - overcomfortability (inability to get up and lose all interest in things non-hammock related), net-face (falling asleep in a hammock and getting netting pattern on your face) hammock-tan (falling asleep in the sun in a hammock, combined with net-face will end up in a warped uneven patchy

Overall, Hammocks - Good.. Chairs - Bad.

Next Lessons in Paradise: using the 'secret' trail to get to the waterfall, why its better to go barefoot when scrambling over rocks like a crab, playing axolotyl in murky water, stealing neighbourhood cats for pleasure and snuggling.


redcap said...

Stealing neighbourhood cats for pleasure and snuggling? The Lenman will not be pleased when he finds out.

Unc said...

what about some some piccies of the tropics...