Thursday, January 04, 2007

Off to a Flying Start

If there is one thing worse than the hype of NYE, it's the incessant banal questions that every single person feels the need to ask about it for the month following.

Last year I was well into February and I was still getting wished a 'Happy New Year'.... after January 2, it's unnecessary and stupid to mention it.

Resolutions are absolutely crap, but I have one this year that I am sticking to. I am cutting out all the toxic people out of my life. I don't feel I need to tolerate any bullshit from people anymore, when I have so many good people in my life. So if you get a feeling of being consistently barred, then wake up and smell the Asshole. It's you.

Other Resolutions that I won't be keeping are:
* to stop buying blankets. I have enough, but when I walk past a Mansours or the Quilting department of David Jones. It's all I can do stand and drool. Blankets are my vice.
* to remember to take my keys to work so I don't get locked out and have to sit on the steps getting piles whilst waiting for someone to let me in.
* to get more violent towards my fucked neighbours with the screaming child. Step One = Angry Letter. Step Two = Verbal Abuse. Step Three = Sniper Rifle through the window. Step Four = kidnapping and selling into slave labour of said screaming little shit.


Julia said...

This is my first year with no resolutions! How refreshing! Not that I ever kept them before but god it's just so common to make them.

And yes to no more toxic friends. Honestly, the air feels fresher once you do it.

redcap said...

Good resolutions, even if you won't keep them. No-one likes piles. Or screaming beast-children.

kate said...

lol. you're awesome.

Steph said...

Good on you for cutting off the toxics.
I'm sick of pretending too. If it's one thing i've realised lately it's that life is too fucking short to waste on fuckwits and assorted cunts.
Be they friends, relo's or coworkers.

Fuck em all!!