Monday, January 15, 2007


"Neighbours..... Everybody needs good Neighbours.. with a little understanding.. we can something something friennnnnnnnnnnds"

AS IF!! The last people on earth I would want to be friends with are my neighbours. At least being friends with the leader of a Taliban circuit would have some perks.. ie: knowing where not to be when the bombs go off.

My stupid cunthead neighbours had the gall to bang on my door at 11pm on a Saturday night telling me to turn the music down... 11pm.... Saturday.. Get a fucking life knobhead!!

Granted I was blasting the newly conceived Stroggles song.. and whilst The Stroggles might not be everyone's taste, i worked a good 45 mins on that song, and I needed to pump it out!!

I didnt answer the door, my reasoning being that i was alone, it was nighttime and it could be rapists, mormons, or even worse.. the nerds from downstairs.

I reckon the nerds from downstairs (TNFD) are originally from Melbourne, they have this naive, nice-ity about them, inviting us around for drinks when they first moved in (no thanks) leaving communal plants in the hallway (stole it), and thinking that its within neighbourly guidelines to tell me to 'keep it down'

Don't they realise what a surly bunch of meanies sydney folk are?? Dont talk to me, Don't invite me round for 'pally' drinks, Don't take out my recyling for me and expect a thank you High-Five.


Anonymous said...

okay what/who are the stroggles????never heard of them.

Rach said...


they're probably the best band in existance!!

its music for people with ADHD, learning disabilities, and probably hearing impaired.

its my crappy band. they rock.

redcap said...

Bet you're glad you stole their plant now!