Friday, January 19, 2007

Kaidan - A Westy Review

Last Night, I’s went out to the rooly nice Opera House. To see some Dance Thing . At first I was like "hell no, dancing is for The Gays", but I was convinced with the promise of cheap drinks.

(First, let me say $7 for a glass of champers is not cheap! I can buy a whole cask of wine for that at me local sporto’s! Moving On.)

When the performance started, I was kinda confused, because it looked like a cross between ‘The Ring’ and ‘What Lies Beneath’, and there was no dancing in that, so wtf was goin on??

Then some drumming started and that was pretty good. Woulda sounded better with some Metallica riffs or some Sepultura, but I suppose the flute playing bald dude was pretty good. (even though that was totally dubbed over, I know a dub when I hear it – he did mime playing the flute well though, so snaps for that)

When the ‘dancing’ started, I was a bit disappointed, it wasn’t really ‘dancing’ in the sense of like the Nutbush or nothin,.. looked to me like they was havin fits.

So they spazzed out heaps, and there were gays with red ribbons swirling them around which looked alright, as far as ribbon twirling goes.

There was a couple of scenes that was pretty good. One with a girl who was supposed to be an insect or somethin crawlin up a wall. I think she was in an insect? She didn’t have no antenae or nothin. Note: the wardrobe department. More antenae.

Overall, I think the Lord of the Spazz show needed some techno, with all those fully sick drum beats, it seemed a shame to waste em.

Oh and if they insist on havin the tv screens at the back, maybe they could like put some subtitles up there of what the characters are sayin, cos they werent saying nothin the whole time. Confusing.

Anyway, I think the show was about this chick that died, I dunno it was kinda confusing. Either way… ‘The Ring’ was better.


Steph said...

Everytime i hear about The Ring, my mind immediately flashes to the Gay porn movie of the same name.
Good times.

redcap said...

Oh man, fucking modern dance. I went once to that shit and it was... fucking modern dance. They ALL had solos. I didn't know what to do and no fucker was coming around with popcorn or piss. It was just wrongety-wrong-wrong-wrong. But look on the bright side - you survived.