Wednesday, January 17, 2007

I'm with Stupid

A brief came across my desk yesterday, for a new US show they are producing called 'I'm With Stupid' - the premise, a guy with Cerebral Palsy, in a wheelchair, who was dropped off at a home with note stuck to his chest when he was kid, finds love, life and...... stuff. oh, and they need someone with cerebral palsy to play the lead. "needs a good sense of humour"

Sounds Awesome, and not at all disrespectful and mean.

I can see the first ep now: CPM (Cerebral Palsy Man) goes out to the home's pool and sinks to the bottom. Maybe Heather Locklear can become a permanant Special Guest Appearance as CPM's object of unrequited affection.

ah well... if they dont find someone soon .. this seems the obvious choice.

At least an Australian Idol can follow in Jennfier Hudson's footsteps to fame and fortune.


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surfercam said...

That's the worst idea for a TV show since the X-Factor, McLeod's Whores, and any of the Idols.