Friday, January 19, 2007


How hard is it really, to be become famous?? all you need is a hot body and some special skillz that seperate you from the rest of the wannabe's out there.

Last night my good friend Jo and I were comparing our sweet racks and skillz.

Racks. Apparently I have the better rack - it defies gravity. Wheres hers is still good mine are marginally better. Score: Rachel

Arses. Jo's arse is better than mine. Even though she says that's her 'problem' area.. i think she'd probably get thru to a semi-finals heat for Miss Arse Sydney. Score: Jo

The problem area for me is my wonky ear:

Which is just something i have learnt to deal with, even though it stopped me from becoming a professional supermodel.

So after much scientific groping and 'respects' to our hot-selves.. we thought - what are our skillz?

Playing Cyborgs, obviously.

That really was us in Terminator 2 - Judgement Day, playing those flying Cyborgs. Ask Anyone. Well if you're gonna ask anyone, Ask Rory.. he also goes by the name 'Batman' .. he'll vouch for us.


Unc said...

Ya' didn't get that wonky ear from our side.....I know ya didn't get the rack from our side either...sisses are both fried egg...must be a throw back or sumthin'....

Unc Fountain of truth

kate said...

i have a nice rack too. that far surpasses a nice ass.

Anonymous said...

That is one wonky ear. Lindsay Lohan doesn't have an ear like that, but then again, she has a wonky everything else.