Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Entrepreneur Idea #11863

Ever been walking past a building site? Sneaked a peak into an Alley and seen a tradey eating out of tin of Tuna?

I have.


Tuna for Tradesman.

Tradey Tuna comes complete with a Man-Fork, for eating in perilous alleyways, so you don't get fish juice all over your King Gee's.

Also, just like a fantail, when you peel off the lid, inside you will find measurement converters, and a puzzle:

"If the wall is 2 meters long and 80 diametres thick, how many bricks will you need?"

Does anyone have any contacts at John West??

1 comment:

surfercam said...

Nothing worse than coming home with fish juice on you.
The missus always gets a bit suss...