Monday, December 11, 2006

Trendy Pickle Haters

There are three types of people who order McDonalds Cheeseburgers.
  • The people obsessed with the toys in The Happy Meal.
  • The genuine pickle haters.
  • And the Trendy-Pickle-Haters
I love pickles, always have, in my opinion, anything pickled is good. Cucumbers, Olives, Foetus's, Dinosaurs.. whatevs.

I don't understand the Trendy-Pickle-Haters. What's with all the hating? It's Pickelist, and I won't stand for it. Unless you are a genuine pickle hater, in which case I implore you to write to the headquarters of Maccas for the Pickle-Free Cheeseburger.. Why not?? they have every other combination on the board.

Side Note: The Trendy-Pickle-Haters is a sick name for a band. Observe:


redcap said...

You forgot one. Pissed people who can't be arsed walking to Hungry Jack's/Burger King. I never touch Macca's when I'm sober, and cheeseburgers are pretty much the only thing on their menu I can stomach.

PS Thanks for the plug! :)

Darryn said...

What's your distinction between genuine pickle haters and trendy ones? There really are only two types of people: those deluded few who like pickles (i.e. you), and those who see pickles for what they really are: little pieces of the devil.

Rach said...

my distinction is :

Trendy Pickle Haters - the people who pick the pickle off because its trendy to hate pickles... even though they have never tried pickles, nor formed their own opinion re - the pickle.

and that of people who actually do hate pickles... pretty much most of the known population.

Anonymous said...


kate said...

i happen to be one of those freaks who loathes pickles. yuck.

michellesarah said...

love pickles.


Yes I love them that much.

hmmmmm pickle.