Monday, December 11, 2006


I love reading everyones "reasons why christmas sucks" posts. they give me ooodles of joy - specially this one by Redcap.

I have some bizzare christmas traditions, ones that have been ingrained in me since birth, and some new ones that have crested the surface in the past couple of years.

The Christmas Special.

TV these days sucks balls. Where are the Christmas Specials? and not boring religious christmas specials, Muppets Christmas!??! My favourite christmas special is 'A Charlie Browne's Christmas'.... which co-incidentally is on the same tape after the Rocky Horror Picture Show... So christmas for me isnt the same without a little "I see you shiver with antici........... pation"

The Santa-Sex-Hat

Ho Ho Ho. Sexual. Merry Sexmas, Indeed.

Other strange traditions are: eating Rice-A-Riso, Avoiding as many family members as possible, going to the movies on Boxing Day (not nearly as exciting since the Lord of the Rings trilogy stopped playing), bagging out and dropping off crap presents at Vinnies.

I'm sure when I have kids, my christmas traditions will change, and become more festive, and less grinchy. Cept Rocky Horror. You can't take that away from me.

"Toucha Toucha Touch Me! I wanna be Dirrrrty"

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redcap said...

:) Have a look at Nick Cetacean's Christmas post over at Whale Sushi. That guy cracks me up every time.