Thursday, December 28, 2006

Tongue Twister from the Central Coast

I'm a Kangy Angy Smackie Addict,
From Gosfy's Woysies.
Hangin at Westies Tuggies Defect Shop.

Copyright - Rach.
One Stop Chicken Stop Truck Stop.
Mooney Mooney Bridge, Mooney Mooney Creek. Mooney Mooney.


redcap said...

I'm a kangy angy whattie from wherie? Oh bugger. I'm sorry, Rach. Please explain?

byron said...

I have to catch the central Coast/Newcastle trains this week cos they've shut down my lovely train line.

Do not talk to me about these people. Someone should fence off everything north of Hornsby.

Rach said...

so you're not a fan of Gosfy's Woysies?

who names these places?

clearly they were playing Drunk Scrabble when they came up with these names.

Also - this tongue twister needs to be said with a really nasal voice.

Leisa said...

dip dip dip
dip the
chip chip chip
in the
dip dip dip
for a
trip trip trip.
On a fishermans friend
snort some salt...
to get

...fucking westies on the coast...