Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Titanic Revisions

TITANIC The Musical is closing early. I saw it and I'm not really surprised. Even though the cast were killer and had amazing voices, the musical was just ...flat.. too much singing, too much walking around, crappy set, and the theatre was shit.

I think they need to make some revisions.

So, John Diedrich, If you open it up again for an inter-state tour, I think these ideas should be put into motion.

  • Not Enough Jews - If you want a Musical to go well, in the second act, all the Jews need to be chased off into the wilderness. This worked for Caberet, Fiddler on the Roof, and Sound of Music. Evil Germans and WWII themes. You can't go wrong. Maybe even call the ship 'The Jewtanic'

  • Song Revision - Yeah the music was good, but if I can't sing along, i'm really not enjoying myself to full potential. I think next time they should try out these hits:

"Oops.. I hit the Iceberg Again" (Britney Spears) - Sung by the Captain
"Ice Ice Baby" (Vanilla Ice) - Sung by the guy in the Crows Nest who sees the Iceberg
"Cold as Ice" (Foreigner) - Sung by the passengers in the water
"An Icicle Like You" (Dandy Warhols) - Sung by passengers in the liferafts
"Smells like Iceberg" (Nirvana) – Sung by Mr Ismay
"Alive" (Pearl Jam) – Sung by the Survivors on the Carpathia


Anonymous said...

You saw Titanic The Musical!

Rach said...

it was part of my job.

i stand by my excuse.

Russell Allen said...

I would jump into the frozen water myself if friggin Pearl Jam started playing

Rach said...

perhaps "survivor" by Destinys Child?

kate said...

i hated the movie. i'd never go see the musical. lol. aren't musicals supposed to have happy endings? lol.

Darryn said...

You forgot the rendition of the Beach Boys classic, "Wouldn't It Be Ice".

Steph said...

Merry Christmas hotstuff. xx